Snarkys Lincoln double-edge safety razor is a gold and black headed razor in the Snarkys Presidential Series. This long and lanky open comb razor is reflective of the regal manhood of Abraham Lincoln. While Lincoln sported his signature berd in later years, his early shaves and later trimmed hedge would have been greatly facilitated with this classic, affordable razor. You too will enjoy the satisfying smooth shave to be gleaned from this quality crafted safety razor with Lincoln’s namesake.

The Lincoln includes a black-tipped, gold-colored aluminum and brass (10cm) handle and black aluminum head which can handle any standard double-edge razor blade.

The Lincoln razor head is open comb is perfect for the beginning wet shaver or as an addition to your collection of truly authentic safety razors.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

–Abraham Lincoln 

If you want a good shave, starting here won’t hurt.

Dimensions: 10cm handle

3.5×2.2cm standard head

Fits any standard double-edge razor blade.

Weight 2.3 kg


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Lincoln Double Edged Safety Razor


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