The Manatee 208 Open Comb 3D Printed Safety Razor is designed to provide an less-aggressive comfortably close shave. This 3D printed safety razor is perfect for the beginner and and experienced wet shaver alike.

For those looking for a 3D printed safety razor with a more aggressive edge, you may want to take a look at The Kraken 248 slant 3D printed safety razor.  The more aggressive slant razor of The Kraken is specifically designed for the experienced wet shaver looking for an aggressive approach.

This 3D printed safety razor comes complete with all the hardware (3D printed plastic handle and slant head as well as the cap & base screws and matching base nut). It does not, however, include any double-edged safety razor blades.

The elegantly designed Manatee could be compared to any metal open comb counterpart versions with a similar design. The lightweight plastic design makes it great for travel or home use.

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Manatee 208 Open Comb 3D Printed Safety Razor


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