This anodized, multi-colored safety razor is one of our more popular safety razors in stock. It’s a spin on the classic safety razor with a more modern style and twist.

Made from the highest quality quality anodized zinc and brass alloy, this closed-comb safety razor is perfect for the novus and experienced safety razor user alike.

The anodized style is a beautiful rendition that changes depending on how the light hits the razor. It is truly a modern flare on a classic style razor.

We inspect each razor for flaws in both the handle and the blade, including tests for consistency in blade gap. This razor is not only shave-tested, we stand behind each of the razors we sell.

Handle Thread Compatibility
The handle thread on this razor is cross-compatible with most other three-piece safety razor heads including Merkur, Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Gillette, iKon and Above the Tie.

Handle Length   3 7/8″
Length Assembled   4 1/8″
Handle Weight   64g
Blade Gap   .030

So, lather up that face, slap in your favorite razor blade and start scraping the fuzz away.

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Anodized Safety Razor


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