Cohiba Shaving Soap is brought to you by the Fox Island Shaving Co. This modern shaving soap offers a scent twist on classic shaving soap ingredients. By providing a thick, decadent pre-shave lather using organic, all natural ingredients, this soap is surely positioned to give you the quality shave you expect from an artisan shave soap. The Fox Island Trading Co sources all its products direct from farm-to-face.

Cohiba is fashioned after “The Most Interesting Man in the World” –that rustic beer-drinking middle-aged hipster. He’s the man your man could smell like.  Concocted for men with highly-sensitive skin, this artisan soap helps prevent ailments like break-outs, razor burn and razor rash by holistically bringing together all-natural vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, tightly packed into a 6 oz shaving tin.

Building a robust, quality lather with Cohiba will provide your tough-guy face with a youthful glow, preparing for whatever you encounter throughout the day.

Cohiba also gives you a great “Bang for the Puck.” This $15, 6 oz. canister is designed to last six months to a year before needing replaced.

Be sure to use the Cohiba shaving puck with your favorite badger hair shaving brush.

Cohiba Shaving Soap Ingredients – A distinctive and manly blend of Bergamot, Japanese Grapefruit, and Jasmine designed to make your shave unbelievable and your scent irresistible! .

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Cohiba Shaving Soap


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