The Cognac and Cuban Cigars Shave Soap is brought to you by Canadian-based Henri et Victoria, a premium provider of shaving and grooming products.

Savor the rich and lingering aroma of the classic Cuban cigar mixed with the scent of an afternoon with cognac and poker. Built for the discerning man of taste, this classic shaving soap scent was designed to include the manly combination of smoke and booze in its finest form. The subtle but cool, smoky charm in this shaving soap is based on scents provided by spicy tobacco, zesty lemon, cognac, cedarwood and fresh leather.

Henri Et Victoria provides the most premium male grooming products at reasonable prices. Like us at, the company advocates for a reversion back to traditional, classic shaving using straight razors and safety razors.

This soap is a great addition to an essential shaving tradition for the wet shaving man in your life. But this soap is not just built for flavor, it also provides the lubrication and essential lather to moisturize, cleanse and protect the shaving face of both the most modest and gentile of men.

Shaving Soap Benefits 

Reduced Irritation – Reduce painful irritation, including razor bumps and razor burn by building the right amount of shaving lather for the razor-perfect glide across your face.

Lasts for Months  – Prolong the results of your shave and make things consistent with the use of a great shaving soap tin that will last you a very long time.

Great “Bang for the Puck” – Unlike canned shaving creams, a single puck of shaving soap can last for months to over a year, even when used regularly. It’s also great for traveling and can easily be stored in a carry-on bag. Prolonging the value of your shaving efforts can be greatly enhanced when using the longevity of a great shave soap.

Easy to Use – Simply grab your favorite shaving brush with a little water and whip up the perfect lather for application on the burliest of faces.

Takes Care of Hair Skin – The moist lather produced by the Cognac and Cigars shaving soap will both protect the skin from irritation, but also properly prepare the hairs for their removal with a smooth, premium glide across the face.


Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Water, Glycerine, Potassium Ricenoalete, Parfum

Weight 0.166 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 5 cm
Scent Cognac and cuban cigars, Poire, Absinthe, Fougère, Unscented, Chestnut L’Orange
Size 114g
Weight 114 kg


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Henri et Victoria — Cognac and Cuban Cigars Shaving Soap


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