The Imperial Glycerin Shave Soap Bar is a facial cleansing bar with a dual purpose: a daily facial soap and a lather source for traditional wet shaving. It’s ingredients are 100% natural, providing a high performing mix of facial cleansing with ultimate shaving performance.

Facial Soap 
Cleanse your face of dirt, oil and other impurities on a daily basis. The vitamin E and glycerin provides moisturizing and soothing properties for the best daily facial cleanse. Work up a lather in the bar with warm water, massage into face and simply rinse clean.

Wet Shaving 
With hands or a wet shave brush, work soap into a rich lather with warm water. Apply lather to your damp whiskers. Enjoy a close, comfortable, smooth shave with your razor of choice. The infused safflower and vitamin E combined with the glycerin and coconut oil will not only optimize the glide of the blade, but will also leave you feeling great post-shave as well, greatly reducing the amount of post-shave residue.

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Imperial Glycerin Shave Soap Bar


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