The Presidential Shaving Soap is brought to you by the Fox Island Shaving Co. This shaving soap provides a traditional shaving soap lather with a unique modern twist. This shave soap is meant to provide the regal, distinguished smell for the wet shaving enthusiast in your life. The all natural, organic ingredients provide a rich, decadent lather, sourced directly from farm-to-face.

Presidential is one of the more popular scents offered by the Fox Island Shaving Co.  Like the other shave soaps in the Fox Island Trading Co. series, this soap is especially designed for shavers with sensitive skin, aiding in the prevention of razor burn/rash and other common shaving break-outs. The moisture-inducing ingredients include antioxidants and vitamins for the best possible shave of your life.

Building a luscious lather with Presidential for all three passes across your face will give your manly money-maker a more youthful glow

Finally, Presidential gives you the ultimate “Bang for the Puck.” At a mere $15 a canister, this tin will likely last you more than a year before needing replenishment.

Be sure to get this manly shaving soap in hand with your shaving brush of choice, for the best possible masculine pampering.

Presidential Shaving Soap Ingredients – A manly blend of Bay leaf, Fir, Cedar wood and Bergamot designed to make your shave unforgettable and your smell regal!

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Presidential Shaving Soap


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