This Snarkys badger hair shaving brush is at the pinnacle of the classic shaving experience. It includes a quality wooden handle. It was made especially for the discerning modern shaver. It is the perfect brush for building a quality lather.

This badger hair brush is built to last. The knot is made from the highest quality badger hair. This will give your shave the highest quality retained lather around.  This badger hair brush is soft and silky but still holds its natural firmness to give you the lather you desire in combo with your favorite cream or soap.

This quality badger hair shaving brush makes the perfect gift for the special manly gent in your life.

Each brush comes packaged in a white, carton box.

Handle Material: Wood

Brush Material: Badger Hair

Face Handle Color: Brown

Weight: 0.2 KG

Weight 0.2 kg


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Wooden Handled Badger Hair Shaving Brush


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