This Antesol shaving cream is brought to you by Spain-based Myrsol. This quality Myrsol lathering shave cream includes moisturizing lanolin with a touch of minty freshness.

Exceptional shaving products have been provided by Spanish Myrsol for over 70 years. Myrsol was originally founded by Miguel Ricou Sole in the 1940s in Barcelona Spain. The company has been maintained as a family-run business since its inception. The original founder Don Miguel worked directly in the business well into his 90s, visiting the company lab to monitor operations and production of his world-famous men’s grooming products. Even after the death of Mr. Sole, Myrsol maintains a business steeped in both tradition and quality.

This cream makes for a smooth, comfortable shave and whips up nicely using either your fingers or your favorite shave brush. Creating a thick, dense lather is easy with this popular shaving cream. The cream also assists your shave brush in better exfoliating, moisturizing and lubricating the skin for the perfect glide with your favorite razor and blade.

This masculine classically-flavored shaving cream is a morning eye-opener made to get your day started right. Start your day off right with a quality lathering and smelling shaving cream!

Size: 150ml

Myrsol Antesol Ingredients 

Aqua, Estearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Cocos Nucifera, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Glycerin, Parfum.

Made in Spain

Weight 5.6 kg


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Myrsol Shaving Cream, Antesol


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