It’s true that there are different types of safety razors to choose from—each different in its own way, which can make the decision-making process much more difficult and confusing.

However, the first place to start is to fully understand your shaving and skin care needs. This will help you save you money and choose the best safety razor for you.

Here are the top things to consider before purchasing a safety razor:

  1. Skill Level: If you are skilled with a safety razor, the good news is that there are more safety razor options available for you, both high end and low end.

On the other hand, safety razor newbies should stick to low-cost models in the beginning. This is because most low-cost safety razor models are designed for beginners. Therefore, they are able to learn the art of shaving with a decent safety razor while also minimizing nicks and cuts.

Even low-cost safety razor models for beginners are still a giant step above disposable cartridge razors.

  1. Hand Size: If you have larger hands, then you will likely benefit from a safety razor equipped with a longer handle and a heavier razor.
    If you use a safety razor that is too small for your hand, then you may risk inadvertently applying too much pressure. Excess pressure causes friction, which inevitably causes razor burn and skin irritation.
  2. Single vs. Double Edge: Much like skill level, the less experience you have using a safety razor, the more you should consider beginning with a double-edge safety razor. Many beginner safety razor users prefer single-edge blades as they are thicker and stiffer. Thicker blades are easier to manage and handle, which is a huge pro for first-timers.

Furthermore, single-edge razors may also provide a more comfortable shave for men with thicker facial hair.

  1. Grip: Make sure the safety razor feels comfortable in your hand. If the safety razor isn’t easy to grip, then you are in for a rough shave.

There are other conditions that are important to consider as well, such as style and how the blade is changed. All in all, you may need to try different types and styles of safety razors in order to choose the best option for you.

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