One of the more regular complaints I hear about using traditional, classic shaving techniques are bleeding weepers, nicks and cuts. When you are first starting the process of wet shaving, nicks and cuts will be much more frequent. It’s simply part of the learning curve of wet shaving. However, as you become more accustomed to your own skin and facial hair needs, you will notice the severity and frequency of any blood will decrease as you become progressively more proficient at cutting through your stubble. 

For me, one of the key ingredients to ensuring you avoid nicks and weepers is having a new fresh blade loaded in your razor. The older the blade, the more likely you will walk away bloody and bleeding.

Blade sharpness, longevity and quality can vary greatly between brands. No two blades are created equal. This is evidenced in some of the huge differential in price from $0.05 per blade to $0.30 per blade. While I personally tend to view most blades as a fungible commodity, as you try different blade types you will certainly learn which blades outlast others in the sharpness arena.

For instance, some blades may take five or six days of consistent use before you notice the sting of a newly-formed nick or weeper under the chin or along your jaw line.

Because the sharpness of the blade is probably my number one variable for differentiating between whether I had a bloody shave or a great shave, I am sure to keep good mental notes as to the last time I swapped out my razor blades.

How frequently I do so, depends again on the blade brand. I have gotten to the point that I am sensitive enough to a good blade and a bad one that now when I first take to my face, I can typically immediately sense that it’s time for a freshly loaded blade.

When it comes to safety razor blades, I suggest buying them in bulk or subscribing to our monthly replenishment program. It’s the easiest means of ensuring you receive a consistently quality shave.

If I ever have a shave that didn’t leave me thinking, “man, I love this!” it’s usually been the blade’s fault. Don’t let it happen to you!

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