It is time to get rid of your costly and wasteful cartridge razor. Go vintage with the this heavy-handled black safety razor from Snarkys. This solid black beauty will provide you with a smooth, comfortable shave at a fantastically affordable price.

This heavy-duty wonder is milled directly from steel, plated black and topped with a two-piece safety razor head. This razor provides a functional shave with great looks. We consider it among the most masculine of razors in the Snarkys safety razor lineup.

Snarkys Heavy Duty (Black) is perfect for the expert and novice wet shaver alike. If you’re looking for a quality, cost-conscious safety razor with the perfect hand-in-glove fit, then this is the razor for you.

The black, squatty short-handle includes the ability for better control over your shave as well as more weight, allowing the razor to do the work and you gently glide your favor razor blade across your moistened facial hedge.  Get ready for your best shave yet as you swipe your blade across your manly stubble.

Each razor comes shipped with a small 5 pack of disposable double edge safety razor blades. What could you possibly be waiting for?

We inspect each razor for flaws in both the handle and the blade, including tests for consistency in blade gap. This razor is not only shave-tested, we stand behind each of the razors we sell.

Handle Thread Compatibility
The handle thread on this razor is cross-compatible with most other three-piece safety razor heads including Merkur, Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Gillette, iKon and Above the Tie.

Handle Length   3″
Length Assembled   3 1/4″
Handle Weight   70g
Blade Gap   .030

Lather that face with some quality shaving soap, toss in your favorite razor blade and let the good times roll with your multiple-pass shave. Few will experience the wonder and joy of a shave that matches the man. Get started today with this quality razor from Snarkys.

Weight 70 kg


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Short, Heavy Duty Safety Razor (Black) by Snarkys


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