For those manliest of men who love lemongrass in their Pad Thai or Tom Kha soup, this classic Bay Rum mixed with lemongrass is the flavor for you. Its aromatic, but not-so-overpowering smell is perfect for most men looking to get a good variety into the aromas used in their morning routines. To the most astute observer, the Bay Rum/Lemongrass mix has them reverting to Thai and Vietnamese dishes like those mentioned above.

We are convinced you will fall head over heads for this Ogallala Bay Rum, Lemon Grass Shaving Soap. Its all natural ingredients, including shea butter, help to provide the ultimate shaving experience with the proper wet shaving glide to your strokes.

After shaving with this new flavor mixed with an old classic, you will walk away feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. This outstanding product also works well as a gift for that special lemongrass man (or woman) in your life.

Size: 4.5 oz.

Made in USA.

Weight 4.5 kg


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Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemon Grass Shaving Soap


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