Not every wet shaver wants to smell like the woods or the lime orchard all day. Sometimes, function is better than form. When you just want to smell like you, nothing added, then use Ogallala’s Unscented Shaving Soap to start your day. This enjoyable shaving soap includes all the benefits of scented soaps, just without the scent. Its shea butter base helps to both lather for the shave and effectively moisturize the skin. Fortunately for you, this particular soap comes completely devoid of any aroma. Lather up and shave without any distracting smells. For some, scented soaps and aftershaves are the very items that irritate the skin.

When the best man smell is your own man smell, grab Ogallala’s Unscented Shaving Soap, lather up and smell like yourself all day long.

If this is not your particular bag baby, it may work for those in your life who still want the great feeling experience of a quality wet shave, but are not as keen on the overpowering smell. Get this great product into the hands of a friend or family member. It makes a great gift!

Size: 4.5 oz

Made in USA.

Weight 4.5 kg


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Ogallala Unscented Shaving Soap


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