This Snarkys acrylic handled, synthetic hair shaving brush is perfect for the wet shave of your choice using straight, double-edge, single edge or cartridge razors.

This reliable shaving brush, if cared for properly, is designed to last for years. Its durable and sturdy construction of acrylic handle combined with synthetic bristles will surely be the perfect addition to your morning shave routine for years to come.

The Snarkys Synthetic hair is firm, but soft and silky. It combines the perfect amount of water-absorbing with the right retention of heat for the perfect foam lather with your favorite shaving soap or cream. It’s perhaps the perfect combination of value and quality in the same brush.

Our shaving brush collection is the perfect gift for fathers, brothers, husbands and sons for helping them look and feel their best.

Handle Material: Acrylic

Brush Material: Synthetic Hair

Face Handle Color: Black

Hair Material: Synthetic Hair

Hair Length: 5cm

Handle Length: 5.2cm

Height: 10.2cm

Weight: 57.2g

Weight 58 kg


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Synthetic Black Acrylic Shaving Brush


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