The “Scalawag” is a straight razor made from premium Damascus steel. This premium quality Damascus steel razor is expressly made for the scalawag or hooligan man in your life. If you’re looking to step-up the quality of your shaving game AND improve your current state of masculinity, then this straight razor is definitely for you.

If you thought shaving with a safety razor had a bit of a shaving learning curve, imagine what the likes of this straight-edge, strop-sharpened Damascus steel will require.

Whatever your level of shaving expertise, this quality straight razor will work swimmingly as you scrape it across your¬†latest facial hedge. At 9/8″ wide, this behemoth is meant for the manliest of men with an eye toward both quality and a respect of traditional shaving techniques and tools.

This razor can be used well as a daily shaver or as that indulgent-inducing wet shave for the discerning man in your life.

Weighing-in at two ounces, this razor is made to deliver a quality shave and last a lifetime.

  • 9/8″ Wide Blade
  • Damascus Steel
  • Hand File Work

Once purchased, this ultra-sharp straight razor, needs to be kept in a safe place, out of the reach of toddlers and gang bangers.

The razor has undergone professional honing and is sharp. However, further honing or stropping may be required to reach an optimized edge.

Weight 1.89 kg


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The “Scalawag” – Damascus Steel Straight Razor


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