Anal hair removal is no joking matter. For some, it is much more than a simple nuisance. There are numerous reasons you may want to attempt to remove the the butt forest. Here we will discuss the reasons you would want to remove the hair in your buttcrack and the best and most appropriate methods for doing so. We will also lightly discuss the risks of removing the hair in your butt hole.

Why would you ever want to remove your buttcrack hair? 

Everyone has hair in their butt. However, no two butts are gifted equally and some individuals are much more greatly blessed in the buttcrack hair arena than are others. Not only does more hair equate to more sweat in the nether regions, but it can also mean embarrassment if that sweat leaves its imprint on your clothes. This is more evident in warm weather or if you enjoy sweaty activities like sports. 

Worse still is the potential for embarrassment around your significant other. Less hair can mean more potential fun, so shaving, waxing or otherwise removal of the forest can help in the bedroom as well.

Some claim that removing butt hair can help reduce ingrown hairs in the butt, it some cases it can actually increase the total number and frequency of the potential for ingrown hairs down there. Whenever you cut a hair off near the surface of the skin, you increase the possibility of razor bumps and razor burn, which in turn increases the potential for ingrown hairs. This is certainly something to be aware of before you venture down your pants with a razor and some shaving cream to wipe out the rain forest.

There has been a significant rise in recent years in individuals who are shaving their butt cracks/holes–on both sides of the gender isle. You are not alone and certainly not the first to ask:

  • Is it safe to shave my buttcrack?
  • What are the down side risks to shaving my butthole?
  • How do I best go about shaving my buttcrack hair?

How to shave your buttcrack hair

Before you begin, it will be important to assess the various methods for cleaning shop down in the undercarriage.

First, decide on the type of razor to use. Will you be shaving with an electric razor, a safety razor or a cartridge razor?

An electric razor may help if you first need to cut down the trees before you get to the stumps and the underbrush. However, electric razors can sometimes be too large to get to the hard to reach areas.

A double-edge safety razor presents its own challenges as a means of shaving your butt hole. It’s much more sharp and while the “safety” suggests its safer than a straight razor, the likelihood of cuts and nicks is much greater with a safety razor than your standard cartridge razor.

Before you get started, you will also need to load-up with a handheld mirror and plenty of shaving soap or shaving cream. It is well advised to not use your usual shaving brush on this project as using the same brush on your smelly, nasty butt hole may taint your next facial shave and spread unnecessary germs and stank.

Antiseptic (like a witch hazel) and rubbing alcohol will help to clean and refresh the area both before and after the shaving process takes place.

A towel and perhaps some medicated powder may help to reduce friction post-shave as well.

Step 1: Shower

Taking a shower or a bath will help remove bacteria in the area to prevent infection, soften the hairs and open up the pores which will aid in the shaving process.

Step 2: Sterilize

Clean your equipment. If you are using a cartridge razor, clean it up with some alcohol. If you are using an electric razor to trim the long ones, make sure it is clean before you go as well. If you intend on using said razor post-shave, it is advised that you do a post-shave sterilization of your shaving equipment as well.

Step 3: Trim

It is suggested that you trip the long boys with an electric shaver before taking your hand-held cartridge razor down there. Doing so will help the rest of the process go much more quickly.

Step 4: Cream

After your trim, apply your desired shaving cream or shaving soap liberally to the entire area.

Step 5: Shave

Use your bathroom mirror and your handheld mirror to carefully shave the nether regions of your ass. This is a sensitive area so do so with extreme care. Remember, the greatest challenge when removing your hair down there is the hair betwixt the cheeks. Do so with care.

Rinse your cartridge frequently to keep things clean and avoid tugs and pulls on hairs that may get caught in the razor.

Step 6: Disinfect

Once you are done with your shave, it will be good to wash with water and rinse with an antiseptic again to ensure you get rid of any bacteria that can spread and cause issues later.

Step 7: Powder

One of the biggest issues with a shaved buttcrack is a higher incident of chaffing and rubbing. Consequently, the frequent use of a body powder can help wick away moisture and provide a new buffer between the checks. Remember, the hair there serves the purpose of providing a break with the friction. Now that you have removed it, you will need to have a replacement. The powder can help, but it is not a cure-all.

Alternative Techniques

Nowadays, shaving buttcrack hair is becoming popular. Therefore there are more and more modern solutions to shave your butthole and bum. These options include waxing the buttcrack, laser or electrolysis.

1. Waxing

Because waxing eliminates the hair at the root, it may take quite a bit longer to return and thus be a more effective means of getting rid of the hair down there. It can be accomplished with a home kit or done by a licensed aesthetician.

Be prepared for a bit more pain in this process as waxing literally rips the hairs out from the roots from a very sensitive area of the body.

2. Electrolysis

In electrolysis a licensed medical professional uses an electric current to eliminate the hair at the root. A needle is inserted into each butt hair follicle, burning them into oblivion. It is the most expensive potential method, but can be an effective way at eliminating hair.

3. Laser

Using a high-intensity light stream, a practitioner can remove the hair in your anus. This light removes the hair at the follicles, preventing future hair growth. This process is more long-lasting, but much more expensive and can take a great deal of time as it requires multiple treatments and visits.

The Downside Risks of Shaving Your Buttcrack

What is included here is not intended to be medical advise. It is advised that you not only consult a physician, but also talk to someone who has done it before as shaving your buttcrack has many downside risks:

  • This is a sensitive area. Shaving down there greatly increasing the potential of a cut or a nick–not fun for such a sensitive place.
  • Your ass has a lot of bacteria. Shaving a region that is literally crawling with nasty bacteria can dangerous, especially if you are unable to keep it in check. Getting a nick and a subsequent infection is dangerous.
  • There is a reason for the hair down there (e.g. wicking away moisture, anti-chafe, decreases friction, etc.). Removing it may increase issues as it relates to some of these benefits of butthole hair.

The hair will come back. No one ever talks about what happens when the hair starts to grow back. Once you shave, you will need to subsequently keep shaving, otherwise you will have a major problem on your hands. The new buttcrack stubble will chafe very badly. Don’t plan on hiking, running or walking much as that stuff grows back in. It will hurt and be red. That is, unless you shave it again. So, don’t plan on shaving once, this must be a virtuous cycle. If you plan on once, you will need to do it over and over.

Shaving your buttcrack hair is more than just a personal hygiene question or issue, it can be a social one as well. Before you shave your butt hole, it is advised to get a lot of advise from as many people as you possible can. Ask your friends, neighbors, spouse or significant other. Tell them in detail of the pros and cons you have learned about here and see if it is something they have done in the past and would recommend.

Personally, I would stay clear away from taking a razor to an area that has hair down there for a reason. If you want to shave it down there because of a smell issue, shower more, use deodorant or a ball spray. If you think it’s not as aesthetically pleasing, perhaps you should just keep it covered. If you sweat too much, just get some body powder.

But, if you must shave your butt, you must shave your butt. Your choice.


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