With manscaping your entire body all the rage these days, it may be worthwhile to take into consideration all aspects relating to shaving your junk. The process is not as “cut and dry” (pun intended) as many would suppose. Any time you consider taking a sharp item to your loose and tenders, you may want to think twice about the downside scenarios such a predicament presents. The risk is enhanced when men consider shaving their nether regions with nothing more than a standard double-edge safety razor.

The Pros of Shaving Your Testicles with a Safety Razor

Trimming and wet shaving your groin with the help of a good safety razor, certainly has at least a few hygienic and other benefits. Here we list just a few:

  • Many men love the feel of their freshly shaven happy trail down to the scrotum. It’s especially invigorating for things like running, swimming and special time in the sack.
  • The ladies also claim to love a man with a hairless, body including private parts, but they prefer it not to be executed in excess.
  • Fewer men love the look, but many still appreciate seeing their trouser snake in all its bare glory.
  • It will give the false appearance that your penis is larger. It has been rightly claimed that trimming the outlying shrubbery makes the hedge seem taller, but unfortunately the height is what it is and little can effectively be done to change that. Just ask Austin Powers.
  • Having trimmed pubic hair can help reduce the stank of a rank scrotum and undercarriage. Less surface area for bacteria to grow and thrive means less opportunity for odor. Keep in mind, however, that trimming up shop does not now eliminate your need for proper hygiene, including a shower.
  • A safety razor does not pull and tug like a cartridge razor. No matter how much you pre-trim with an electric razor, the likelihood of uncomfortable pulling and tugging is high.
  • More customize-able shave. The safety razor allows for a more customized length. If you want to avoid razor burn by not trimming too close to the skin, just do a single-pass trim to eliminate the hairs. Want something closer? Just run another pass over the area.
  • More customize-able pre-shave. In addition, most wet shavers also maintain a larger number of nice smelling shaving soaps and shaving creams. Not required for a great sack-shave, but they can be a nice addition if you are looking to ensure shaving your privates is as comfortable as scrotum-ly possible.

The Cons of Shaving Your Testicles with a Safety Razor 

As a fairly broad term, manscaping can mean either a simple trim with the clippers or a complete wet shave of the groin. There is a big difference, particularly as it relates to doing so with a safety razor. How you approach your pubic hair trim, will depend on personal preferences. Here are some of the cons to consider in doing so.

  • Shaving your junk can increase friction. Hair serves many purposes, one of which is to reduce friction and chaff-age between the balls and the inner thigh. You can substitute this issue with testicle lubricants, but then you’re just adding yet another “product” that is wholly unnecessary to start with. Friction can be especially aggregious if you like to do active things like running, biking or sex.


    It may not look like this, but it is highly likely to feel like this.

  • Ingrown hairs are not fun, especially down there. When friction increases and hairs start to regrow, the likelihood of razor bumps and razor burn are higher down there, not only because of the friction, but because the hairs themselves typically course and curly, which means the likelihood they will become ingrown is much higher.
  • Once you shave, you will have to do it again unless you want the uncomfortable regrowth–something lovingly referred to as the pickle prickle.
  • Maintenance will require additional product, above just a bar of soap. This will likely cost you more in the long run. Things like medicated powders, oils and lubes will likely all be needed to reduce friction and the potential for other issues as you hair regrows.
  • The potential for scrotum cuts. The downside of trimming up shop down there with a cartridge razor is the pulling and tugging of the multi-blade cartridge. The downside risk of a safety razor is the greater potential for cuts. The tuft on top may come off easy, but as you get into the ins and outs of some of the other areas, the level of difficulty and complexity of the shave increases. Furthermore, the skin on the testicles themselves is not exactly taught and smooth. In fact, it’s likely the least taught and least smooth skin on the entirety of the male anatomy, making shaving it, particularly with a safety razor a difficult feat, at best. It is advised that you get comfortable with shaving your face with a safety razor before venturing to other more tender areas. Shaving with a safety razor is not nearly as dangerous as attempting it with a straight razor, but it still has its skin-cutting risks.

In short, there is a reason nature put hair on and around our scrotum. In some cases, nature is best left in its natural state. My personal preference is the occasional trim with s quality pair of electric trimmers, but I am too much of a sissy to risk taking a very sharp blade to perhaps the most tender area of my body. For those that like to turn their lion’s mane into a mouse head, that’s totally up to your own personal preference.

What’s your manscaping and testicle trimming and shaving routine? What works? What doesn’t?

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