For most men, shaving is a chore to be avoided.

It’s part of the daily routine we don’t really think about, but in the aggregate, it’s a task that takes up days in a man’s life.

In fact, it is estimated that men spend about 50 complete days shaving throughout the totality of their lives. But, surprisingly, women spend even more time shaving then men.

If you were spending that much time performing a regular, mundane and recurring task wouldn’t you want to spice it up a bit and try to make it a bit more enjoyable, indulgent or even fun?

That’s where wet shaving comes in. 

Wet shavers have it figured out when it comes to knowing how to shave to make it enjoyable. After some experimentation, I typically nail down a specific hardware (razor + blade) for the shaving task. If my facial hair is long, I’ll use an open comb safety razor. If I’m on a daily shave routine, I’m typically using a closed comb razor. When it comes to razor blades, you have your pick among many. While there are some nuanced differences in the blades, many blade users will experiment among a few brands, landing on one that works best for their particular taste.

Yes, your shave brush matters as well, but perhaps the most important aspects of your daily, manly shaving indulgence is going to come from your shaving cream/soap and aftershave. I have found that the hardware can certainly help you avoid a bad shave, but a truly great shave comes from the right shaving soap, lathered to perfection, combined with a solid aftershave.

A great smelling soap or cream topped-off with the fresh aroma of a good aftershave splash is the area that provides the most indulgence for me personally.

I have personally grown beards on occasion, but the fact of the matter is: nothing beats a perfect, clean shave. Because a good part of my life will be spent shaving, I want to be sure I make the most out of the time spent. Even if I have to add two minutes to the routine, it will be time well spent if I’m actually enjoying the process rather than simply going through the motions by shaving in the shower.  So, if you’re planning on shaving, at least take the chore-like boredom out of the process by picking up some quality curation and accouterments. It will make the experience at least worth the time you spend.

If you’re a beard-growing man, there are options for that as well.

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